Learn what makes Better Cart the best checkout and ecommerce platform to power your brand

< 1 sec page loads

Better Cart uses the latest caching technologies in order to render checkout pages in a fraction of a second.

Multicurrency checkouts

Support your customers anywhere with a single checkout page. Automatically switch the checkout currency based on the customer's location.

Split test your entire funnel

We have made it easier than ever to split test checkout pages, offer pages, and offer discounts. Optimize your funnel for the best results possible.

Background sync

Capture 10x the number of abandoned carts with our proprietary background keystroke sync. As a customer enters their information, we are constantly syncing this information back to our servers, allowing you to always capture an abandoned cart.

Advanced checkout page edge cache

With our edge cache service your checkout pages will load as close to your customers as possible, removing geographical latencies.

Secure checkout transactions

Only the latest and most secure technologies are used during the checkout ensuring your customers are safe when checking out.

Customer Reviews & Testimonials

Add customer reviews to your checkout pages to build brand trust

Split test multiple checkout templates

Easily split test multiple checkout templates to find the best fit for your customers and boost your conversion rate.

Global offer themes

Create custom themes that can be shared across all your offer pages, making it easier than ever to customize your one click offer pages.

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